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I am interested in a particular kind of park space, which is predominantly surrounded by housing with limited (pedestrian) access to the street. I'm visiting the US in the second half of next year to look at some of these spaces in various American suburbs and towns to see what works and what doesn't - with the intention of ultimately writing a book about these 'internal reserves'. I gather, though I can't see any on google map, that Roland Park is full of these kinds of spaces. Has anyone on this thread experienced this kind of park space? Advantages/ disadvantages?

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Hi David--

I'm a new resident of Roland Park, just a year now, but in Baltimore for more than ten years. Google maps is not hiding the formative open spaces you seek...they do not exist here and were strangely excluded from the neighborhood's planning. Perhaps terrain and drainage, etc as well as the desire for a 'country' feel to the place resulted in a plan without a green or square. A plaza is located at Roalnd Ave & Colorado Ave. I am also an urban designer and town planner who finds this missing element of great neighborhoods indeed odd for Roland Park.

By 'internal reserves' do you mean mid-block spaces? If so, Roland Park has at least one large residential block with its homes having the bonus of a level mid-block green. It is located toward the edge of the neighborhood between Edgevale and Englewood Roads. See it here

If formative open space is what you are after, there are heaps in every pre-war American city and neighborhood. Check this one in nearby Homewood neighborhood.

Feel free to respond to this if you have other questions.


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